What Lies Beneath


I am obsessed with gore and performance as subjects. As a result, my work typically utilizes one or the other (and occasionally both) to create macabre and/or sardonic content within the horror genre.

My interests lie in forcing my viewers to confront their fears and insecurities. My work heavily features masks, prosthetics, and special effects makeup to manipulate my subjects into horrific entities, who are then used to convey peculiar realities that are rarely explored within the horror genre. Additionally, I often use myself as a subject to convey the general discontent, apathy, or mania derived from my status as a 20-something afflicted with mental disorders impacting my emotional stability, level of anxiety, and how I relate to others. The performances of my monsters are directly derived from my personal fears, both rational and irrational, while my performances express emotions and feelings I’m forced to deal with on a regular basis.